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Royal Gold LLC
300 First St.
WA, Zillah 98953

(Located in the Karzilla Car lot)

Gold and Silver

We buy, sell, and trade any kind of gold in any form.

Jewelry - Chains, earrings, bracelets rings. It doesn’t matter if its broken or not. If it has diamonds we will buy those also.

Gold Coins - Any year type, country or condition, we buy them all.

Dental Gold - We buy all types of dental gold in any form and condition,even if there are still teeth in them!!!

We also buy gold filled- any size shape or form.

Electronics Scrap - We buy all gold bearing electronics scrap.


We buy sell trade any type of silver

Pre- 64 Silver Coins– All American dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollars were 90% silver and are very valuable!

Silverware - All kinds of sterling utensils, dishes, plates.

Sterling Jewelry - Any kind of sterling jewelry in any condition. Anything sterling we buy

Scrap silver in any form!

Any Questions call or text Kevin @ 509-901-1787

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(509) 901-1787